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We are the home of the famous
BLIND Sensei Mark Brown
and the official home of the
Polecat Mixed Martial Art Style.

Mark Brown the Blind Karate Sensei posing with his black belt, he is a certified instructor despite been totally blind.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as it is more commonly known is blend of various types and styles of Martial Arts or Self Defense systems that have been jointly adopted into a single flexible style. Most Martial Art styles and systems are very rigid in the fact that practitioners should stay within the guidelines of the governing Martial Art, however in MMA, practitioners can apply or adopt various fighting styles from dozens of different types of Self Defense, Martial Arts or fighting styles giving them a much greater range of techniques at their disposal.

Self Defense

Learning Martial Arts, whether MMA or a single style such as Karate, is great for Self Defense. Self Defense is the ability or act of attempting to protect yourself against an attacker or attackers, and is a skill that everybody should have at least some knowledge of. The more you train in Martial Arts, and the more you progress through the physical and mental journey, the more likely you will be of been able to successfully defend yourself in the event you are caught up in a confrontation or violent situation. The most effective method of Self Defense is making sure confrontational or violent situations do not arise in the first place, and if they do, to avoid getting involved unless it its absolutely crucial. Hopefully you should never need to use your Self Defense Martial Art skills.


Student peforming Karate Kata and Bunkai Karate is one of the most popular forms of Martial Arts taught globally for Self Defense. Traditional Karate is said to have originated in the far West of Asia such as Japan and its surrounding islands and also has some Chinese origins. Karate as always been a peaceful Martial Art where practitioners are bound to only use the art for the purpose of Self Defense and never for unprovoked attacks on others. As the years have passed by, karate that has been taught and passed down for generations has managed to change and evolve into many different styles and types with the most noticeable forms been Shotokan and GoJu Ryu. Shotokan styles tend to be quite hard and direct, while Gojo Ryu styles adopt a hard then soft, more waving motion.

Mark Brown gets his black belt despite been totally blind. Watch the footage here.Watch Mark Brown, the Blind Karate student earn his 1st Dan Black Belt at the recent GKR Karate Grading.

Mark Brown kumite sparring with his MMA Personal Trainer at Mill Hill Dojo.Watch Mark Brown punch and kick Blind MMA style against his Personal Trainer with this Insane Combo.