Is Logan Paul actually a skilled boxer? 16 Jan 2023

Is Logan Paul actually a skilled boxer?

Logan Paul's boxing career

Logan Paul is an internet sensation who has taken the world by storm with his wild stunts, YouTube videos, and now, boxing. Through a series of very contentious fights, Paul has shown us that he’s not afraid to step into the ring and fight anyone. But is Logan Paul a skilled boxer? It’s something that many fans have asked themselves. In this blog post, we’ll explore if Logan Paul can actually back up his claims in the ring or if he’s just another loudmouth with no real skills.

His opponents

Logan Paul's opponents have been quick to point out that he has never fought a professional bout before. They argue that he is nothing more than a YouTuber who is looking for a quick payday.

Paul's first opponent, KSI, is a British YouTube personality who has also dabbled in music and acting. He has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube and his boxing match against Paul was one of the most highly-anticipated events in 2018.

KSI was quick to point out that Paul had no professional experience in his pre-fight interviews. He said that Paul was "all talk" and that he would be exposing him as a fraud in the ring.

KSI ended up winning the fight by split decision, but many people felt that Paul had won the second and third rounds of the bout. Paul himself said that he thought he had won the fight, but congratulated KSI on his victory nonetheless.

Paul's second opponent, Deji, is another British YouTube personality who is known for his comedy videos and pranks. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and has been involved in several high-profile Feuds with other YouTubers.

Deji was even more critical of Paul than KSI was, calling him a "clown" and saying that he didn't deserve to be in the ring with him. He also accused Paul of faking his injuries from their first fight, which ended in a no contest after

Logan Paul's opponents in the boxing ring have accused him of being a fraud and not a skilled boxer. They say that he is only in the sport for the money and fame and that he is not taking it seriously. Some have even said that Logan Paul is nothing more than a YouTube celebrity who is using boxing as a way to stay relevant.

The verdict

After looking at the evidence, it's clear that Logan Paul is not a skilled boxer. While he has attempted to portray himself as a legitimate fighter by participating in several high-profile boxing matches, his track record of wins and losses speaks for itself. With all this being said, Logan Paul does have an admirable amount of courage and determination when it comes to entering the boxing ring, which could still be enough for him to become successful one day—just not as a professional boxer.

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